Aviation of WWII
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The La-5F from 303-rd  Division 1-st  Air Army  at 1944.

The La-5F from 303-rd Division 1-st Air Army at 1944.

Continuing La-5 development, Semyon Alekseyevich Lavochkin installed more powerful engine M-82F (later renamed to ASh-82F).

The Ash-82A was very sensitive to cylinder head temperature for safe running and optimum performance best conditions were achieved between 200 and 220 degrees Celsius whereby if pilots allowed temperatures to exceed this the resultant overheating often caused loss of cylinder head or indeed complete disintegration of the cylinder its self. It also suffered a short spark plug life substandard oil pump capacity and a tendency for exhaust pipes to burn through. This led to the joint development of the Ash-82F, Ash-82FN & Ash-82FNV engines. The Ash-82F first appearing on La-5 planes in December 1942. The new engine produced improved performance above 1500metres (4921 ft) but was still aspirated by a conventional carburetor.

Semyon Lavochkin likewise saw tremendous development potential in the La-5 (which he considered a hastily put together stop gap). After putting forward improvements re aerodynamic efficiency, better cockpit view, control enhancement and weight reduction, government decree was issued on the 9th December 1942 authorising further development work. This work was carried out by the TsAGI (Central Aerodynamic and Hydrodynamic Institute).

Production of the La-5F had ceased by the end of 1943 in favour of the La-5FN.

La-5 La-5F La-5FN La-5UTI
Length, m 8.672 8.672 8.672 8.672
Wing span, m 9.8 9.8 9.8 9.8
Wing area, m² 17.62 17.62 17.62 17.62
Empty weight 2681 - 2828 -
Loaded weight 3360 3200 3290 3210
Maximum takeoff weight 3460 3300 3390 -
Engine M-82A M-82F M-82FN M-82F
Engine power, hp 1700 1700 1850 1700
Maximum speed, km/h at altitude 600 m 509 560 583 552
at altitude 580 600 634 600
m 6250 6300 6250 3500
Rate of climb at sea level, m/s - 18 22 -
Time to 5000 m, min 6.0 5.50 5.2 -
Time of turn, s 22.6 19-20 18.5 19
Service ceiling, m 9500 9550 10750 -
Service range, km 1190 - - -
20-mm Cannon x cart. 2 x 220 2 x 200 2 x 170 1 x 170
Bombs, kg 2x50 2x50 2x50 -


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