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MiG-5 (T, DIS-200)

Long Range Fighter (prototype)

Mikoyan, Gurevich

DIS-200 with AM-37T

The twin-engined DTS (Dvukhmotorny Istrebitel Soprovozfidertiya — twin engined escort fighter) was developed primarily to escort the DB-3 and Pe-8 strategic bombers of the Soviet Air Force, and secondarily for long range reconnaissance, light bombing, or torpedo-dropping missions. As the Soviet Air Force showed interest in mass production of the DIS, its public designation 'MiG-5' was allocated.

Work on the DIS started in early 1940. The first twin-engine aircraft to be built by the MiG Design Bureau, it was powered by two AM-37 engines of 1,400 hp each. The fighter was equipped with two AV-5I.-Il4 three-blade propellers. It was the first aircraft in the Soviet Union to have pneumatically operated landing gear.

The intended armament for the DIS was unusually heavy by Soviet standards: two Berezin UB 12.7 mm and four ShKAS 7.62 mm machine guns and a VYA 23 mm (,90-caliber) cannon in an under-fusdage pod. This formidable weapon was developed by A.A. Voronov and S.Y. Yartsev in 1940. Its shells could penetrate 25 mm ( 1 in ) thick armor at a distance of 400 meters (1,312 ft). The cannon pod could be removed and a bomb load of 1,000 kilograms (2.205 lb) or a Type 45-36 torpedo carried instead.

The unarmed DIS prototype was built at State Aircraft Factory 1 at Moscow-Khodinka and took off for its maiden flight on 19 May 1941. State Acceptance Trials showed that the top speed of 560 km/h ( 348 mph) was some 104 km/h (65 mph) slower than calculated. In a measure to gain speed, two four-bladed AV-9B-L-149 propellers were installed, and some aerodynamic refinements were introduced. These increased top speed by 40 km/h (25 mph). The DIS prototype had a rate of climb of 15 m/sec (2,982 ft/min) to 5,000 meters (10,404 ft) and a range of 2,280 kilometers (1,417 miles).

DIS-200 Specification
Crew 1
Length, m 11.2 12.14
Wing span, m 15.3 15.3
Wing area, m² 38.9 38.9
Height, m 3.84  
Loaded weight 8060 8000
Fuel 1920 1920
Engine 2 x AM-37 2 x M-82
power, hp 2 x 1400 2 x 1700
Speed, km/h maximum 670 604
at altitude, m 6800  
Time to level 5000 m, min 5.5 6.3
Service ceiling, m 10,900 9,800
Service range, km 2,280 2,500
Photo Description
Drawing MiG-5

Drawing MiG-5

The DIS (MiG-5) fighter with AM-37 engines

The DIS (MiG-5) fighter powered with AM-37 engines


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