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MiG-9E (I-211)

Fighter (prototype)

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MiG-9E (I-211)

The disappointing performance of the I-210 showed that adapting a large radial engine to the narrow fuselage of the MiG-3 wasn't so simple, but required a major redesign. In late 1942, work began on a new derivative, powered by the improved M-82F engine (in 1943 it was renamed ASh-82F in honour of its designer Arkady Shvetsov). All the previous experiences with the MiG-9 were taken into account, as well as the TsAGI recommendations. A great effort was made to reduce mass and drag.

In comparison to the MiG-9, the new aircraft featured:

• the improved M-82F engine;

• redesigned and sealed engine cowling;

• oil coolers relocated to the wing roots;

• a new canopy, with good rearward visibility, but hinged sideways and similar to that of I-200 prototypes (not liked by pilots);

• two ShVAK 20 mm guns with 150 rounds each, in the lower part of the engine cowling;

• a new undercarriage with smaller wheels;

• wings without slats;

• partially reshaped tail surfaces, with horizontal surfaces moved to a higher position;

• internal bullet-proof glass both in front of and behind the pilot

• 280 kg less weight than the MiG-9.

The first prototype was flown on February 24, 1943, by test pilot V.N. Savkin. It reached a top speed of 670 km/h at an altitude of 7100 m, and an altitude of 4,000 m in only 4 minutes. Manoeuvrability was not good. The photos of the prototype show no radio aerial, or slats; before putting this type into service, some modifications leading to weight increase and speed decrease were likely.

For these reasons too, this excellent performance was not sufficient for the MiG to replace the La-5FN which was already in production. According to some sources, 10 aircraft were built and used operationally; other sources one flying example was built, and 10 abandoned before completion.

MiG-9 Specification
I-210/MiG-9 I-211/MiG-9E
Crew 1 1
Length, m 8.078 7.95
Wing span, m 10.2 10.2
Wing area, m² 17.44 17.44
Height, m 3.84  
Weight, kg Empty weight 2762 2590
Maximum takeoff weight 3382 3070
Fuel, kg 360 300
Engine M-82 M-82F
Power, hp 1,700 1,850
Speed, km/h maximum 565 670
at altitude, m 6150 7,100
Time to level 5,000 m, min 6.7 4
Service ceiling, m 8,700 11,300
Service range, km   940
Photo Description
The MiG-9E (I-211) with M-82F engine

The MiG-9E (I-211) fighter powered with M-82F engine


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