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An aviation cannon of system Nudelman - Suranov


An aviation  cannon of system Nudelman - Suranov NS-23

VYa 23mm cannon which was taken advantage in 1941, had too strong recoil and was established basically on attack aircraft Il - 2. In 1943 in ОКB-16 the new 23-mm a cartridge has been developed. The initial missile velocity in a trunk in length of 1450 mm made 700 m/s. The new part has been developed also. The weight of such cartridge with a part appeared almost twice less weights of a cartridge with a part of VYa 23mm cannon .

Under a new cartridge in ОКB-16 the NS-23 (Nudelman - Suranov) cannon has been created. Ground state tests of NS-23 were completed on May, 4, 1944, and also air tests on Yak-9 on June, 7, 1944 have been finished.

Work of NS-23 has been based on use of energy of recoil of a trunk.

NS-23 cannon was issued in two variants: NS-23KМ - wing and motor and NS-23С with the synchronous mechanism.

The data of NS-23 in wing variant of a gun were the following.

Length of a trunk: 1450 mm.

Dimensions of a cannon: length of 1985 mm, width of 165 mm, height of 256 mm. Weight of a gun of 37 kg.

Rate of shooting of 600 shots/minutes. A guaranteed barrel life of 4000 shots/minutes.

The NS-23 cannon made serially on two factories: № 2 and № 535.

On a factory № 2 it has been let produced NS-23 cannons: in 1944 - 300, in 1945 - 608.

The NS-23 was issued and after war for 1953. In total from 1944 to 1953 on both factories 28479 NS-23 cannons have been made.

Planes armed with NS-23 cannon: - Il-10 attack aircraft which was taken advantage in 1944. (4 х NS-23; 1хBT-20);


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