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The Pe-2 from 128th BAP, Spring 1942.

The Pe-2 from 128th BAP, Spring 1942.

In the late 30-s much work was underway on designing a new heavy long-range bomber for the Red Army Air Force. In this connection there arouse an urgent need for an escort fighter having the compatible range and speed that only a twin-engined aircraft design could provide. The development of such an air vehicle was entrusted to the design office headed by V.M. Petlyakov. The task was advantageously realised. The aircraft turned out to be a success. It contained a good deal of unique technological improvements for the USSR aviation. At the stage of evaluation high performances of the plane required a re-designing of the concept into the high -speed dive bomber.

That's how the dive bomber Pe-2, the most mass produced 2E aircraft (more than 11000 pcs. were manufactured) came into being. It left vivid traces on the history of WW-II.

Front Bombers
Pe-2 Pe-2 Pe-2FT
Year of issue 1941 1942 1945
Length, m 12.66 12.66 12.66
Wing span, m 17.13 17.13 17.13
Wing area, m² 40.5 40.5 40.5
Weight, kg:
Loaded weight 7540 7775 8405
Maximum takeoff weight 8500 8715 8805
Engine M-105P M-105PA M-105PF
Power, hp 2x1100 2x1100 2x1210
Maximum speed, km/h at sea level 452 434* 468
at altitude 540 515 527
m 5000 4800 3900
Service ceiling, m 8800 8000 8200
Service range with normal bomb load, km 1300 1250 1220
Bomb load, kg Normal 600 600 600
Maximum 1000 1000 1000
Defensive armament Machine guns 4 4 5
Cannon - - -
Crew 3

* - Decrease flight dimensions is caused by amplification of defensive arms.

Photo Description
Drawing '100'

Drawing '100'

Drawing Pe-2 at 1941

Drawing Pe-2 at 1941

The serial Pe-2.

The serial Pe-2.



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