Aviation of WWII
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Boris Safonov in his 'Kittyhawk' F-40E (41-13531)
  • (Rus)   BF Safonov, in his "Kittyhawk" F-40E (41-13531). The aircraft was manufactured in Buffalo 1/17/42. Bearing the number 10 had one-color, light - blue color in contrast to the camouflage of other aircraft regiment.
  • BF Safonov was killed in action in protecting the convoy PQ-16 May 30, 1942.
  • BF Safonov was the first to be twice awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union for exploits in World War II. At this high calling brave fighter pilot was presented Commissar of the Navy NG Kuznetsov did not posthumously, as in life, May 27, 1942 - three days before his last combat mission.