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SAM-13 - a light experimental fighter of two-block scheme with motors in tandem by Alexander Sergeevich Moskalev, developed in OKB-31. Interestingly, the layout of the SAM-13 turned out to be similar to the layout of the Fokker D XXIII aircraft. The main difference was in the Fokker's more powerful power plant. According to V. B. Shavrov, the SAM-13 aircraft was completed and its flight tests were planned 2 months earlier than those of the Fokker D XXIII.

The 7th Main Directorate sent its representative, the leading engineer Pushkin, to the factory tests of the SAM-13, a researcher V. Galitsky arrived from TsAGI with the task of studying the behavior of the chassis with the nose wheel. The chassis differed from the existing ones in its parameters, which were made according to their own research. 7 flights were made.

The next action of the Head of the 7th Main Directorate was the order to test the SAM-13 in a wind tunnel. After these tests, further work on the aircraft was stopped.

Powerplant. The total power of the two engines of the SAM-13 fighter, equal to 440 hp, could not be compared with the power of the engines on the fighters, and the aircraft was considered experimental, which was supposed to be created to test new solutions that could later be used in the production of more powerful engines.

FighterSAM-13Fokker D XXIII
Crew 1
Length, m 7.10 10.20
Wing span, m 7.30 11.50
Wing area, m² 9.00 18.50
Masses, kg
Empty 754 2,180
Gross power 1,183 2,950
2 × PE Renault Walter Sagitta
Max power, hp. 2 × 220 2 × 540
Max speed over ground, km/h 485
Max speed at altitude, km/h 688 540
Service ceiling, m 10,000 9,000
Service range, km 850 840
4 × 7.62 mm Ultra-ShKAS machine guns 2×13+2×7.69

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Drawing SAM-13


  • History of aircraft designs in the USSR, 1938-1950. /V.B. Shavrov/
  • Blue spiral /Moskalev A.S./
  • Light fighters for the Red Army Air Force /Mikhail Maslov/

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September 01, 2020.
When comparing the flight characteristics, it is obvious that despite twice the power of the power plant of the Fokker D XXIII aircraft, its airspeed turned out to be significantly less than the speed of the SAM-13 (however, this is only the calculated speed).

September 02, 2020.
In his memoirs A.S. Moskalev points out that it was his full namesake, Deputy People's Commissar of the aviation industry for new technology, Alexander Sergeevich Yakovlev, who played a decisive role in stopping the SAM-13 project.