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The six-seat flying boat Sh-7 is an amphibious vehicle for the Arctic, local airlines and ships. Structurally, it was a high-wing aircraft with underwing floats and a chassis retractable to the sides of the boat. MG-31F engine with 330 hp with a pulling propeller over the boat on racks; metal structure with linen covering of the wing and empennage, distinguished by high general and local strength, tested during flights and landings (more than 120% of the design loads). The entrance to the cockpit is through doors in the sides of the boat, dropped in an accident, the entrance to the four-seater passenger cabin is through a round hatch in the deck behind the wing, which also served for the shooting installation.

Control cable, double, cross-over steering wheel in flight. Chassis - with a breaking rack, cleaning and release is manual with a chain transmission. On the semi-axle of the chassis, skis from the I-15 bis aircraft could be installed instead of the wheels, which rose when landing on the water. Oil-air depreciation. It was planned to lift the plane on a hook.

The aircraft began to be designed at the end of 1938, released in the spring of 1940, first flew on June 16, 1940 (pilot E.O. Fedorenko). By September 1940, its factory and state tests were completed and it was decided to build a series of Sh-7 aircraft.

This was prevented by the war, during which the aircraft was used on a wheeled and ski chassis for transport on the Volga (Saratov, Stalingrad (now Volgograd), Astrakhan, etc.).

Shavrov's aircraft
Sh-2 Sh-7
Crew 1 2
Lenght, m 8.2 9.4
Height, m 3.5
Wing span, m 13.0 13.0
Wing area, m² 24.70 23.30
Weight, kg
Empty 660 1230
Loaded weight, kg 937 1900
1 × PE M-11 MG-31F
Power, hp 100 330
Maximum speed, km/h 139 218
Cruising speed, km/h 80 178
Service ceiling, m 3,100 3,000
Service range, km 500 460
Payload, passengers 3 4
Carrying capacity, kg 350

To protect the rear hemisphere in the military version, a TT-1 rifle mount with one ShKAS machine gun with an ammunition of 300 rounds was provided.

Photo Description
Drawing Sh-7

Drawing Sh-7

Sh-7 in two projections


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