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An aviation cannon of system Shpitalniy-Vladimirov


ShVAK 20-mm

As it was already spoken, on the device of 20-mm ShVAK cannon was identical from 12.7-mm the same machine gun. Distinction was only in a bore of trunk.

A reload pneumatic or mechanical.

20-mm ShVAK cannon was issued in versions: wing, turret and a motor - gun. The motor - gun differed in the greater length, presence of the shock-absorber and a number{series} of other trifles. Motor - gun ShVAK with some changes in 1941-1942 was established on tanks T-60 and T-38.

Overall length of guns ShVAK made: for wing version 1679 of mm, for turret - 1726 mm, for a motor - gun - 2122 mm. Weight of guns according to 40 kg, 42кг and 44,5 kg. Length of a course of mobile parts of 185 mm. Rate of shooting of 700-800 shots/minutes.

However despite of modernization of shells, their action it was weak enough for calibre of 20 mm.

Nevertheless, within war mass production of ShVAK cannon has deployed. In 1942 34601 gun, in 1943 - 26499 guns, in 1944 - 25633, in 1945-13433 has been let out{has been released}. In 1946 754 guns have been let out{have been released}, and on it manufacture of 20-mm of guns ShVAK has stopped.

Synchronous and wing 20-mm ShVAK cannon have been established on I-153P, I-16, Yak-1, Yak-7B, LaGG-3, La - 5, Pe-3 fighters and in 1943 158 cannons for the installation on fighters "Hurricane" instead of 7.92-mm of "Browning" machine guns have been released. Two fixed cannons have been located on a Tu-2 bomber and on a part of Pe-2 bombers.

Defensive turret with 20-mm ShVAK cannon have been established on Pe-8 and Er-2 bombers.


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