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Su-1, product 330

High Altitude Fighter-Interceptor



Su-1 "product 330" is a single-seat fighter with an M-105P engine at 1100hp. and two turbochargers TK-2. Armament - a 20mm cannon mounted in the hollow shaft of the gearbox and two synchronous ShKAS machine guns.

The design is mixed: the fuselage is a wooden semi-monocoque, the wing is one-piece duralumin single-spar with a center section and consoles.

Duralumin plumage with a cloth in the rudder trim. The chassis is single-column, the wheels are retracted back into the center section with a turn of 90 degrees. around the axes of the struts, the tail wheel retracts back. The desire to improve the aerodynamics of the aircraft forced the designer to hide the water radiator in the fuselage behind the pilot's seat. The more compact M-105P, in comparison with the AM-35, required the installation of two turbochargers in the sides behind the engine, which were powered by exhaust gases, to increase the altitude. In addition to the altitude, the TC was supposed to provide a significant increase in speed.

Rigid steering, rudder - cable.

The aircraft showed very good flying qualities, obeyed the rudders well and evoked the most enthusiastic responses from the pilots. When the vehicle was operating, the speed at an altitude of 10,000 m reached 641 km/h, landing with flaps extended only 111 km/h. However, the TC was unreliable and often flew without it.

During the evacuation, the plane was damaged and due to the incompleteness of the turbochargers, further work on it was stopped.

For comparison, the table shows data for aircraft of the beginning of the Second World War with the M-105P engine.

Fighters of the beginning of WW II
Yak-1 Su-1 Su-3 LaGG-3
Year of issue 1941 1940 1941 1941
Lenght, m 8.48 8.42 8.42 8.81
Wing span, m 10.0 11.5 10.1 9.81
Wing area, m² 17.15 19.0 17.0 17.62
Weight, kg
Takeoff 2,858 2,875 2,992 3,280
Engine M-105P M-105P M-105P M-105P
Power, hp 1100 1100 1100 1100
Max speed, km/h at sea level 480 500 500 474
at altitude 577 641 638 549
m 4950 10000 10000 5000
Time to climb 5 km, min 9.2 4.9 5.5 7.4
Turn time, sec 5.7     8.5
Service ceiling, m 10,000 12,500 11,900 93,00
Service range*, km 700 720 700 700
number cannons 1 1 1 1
Machine guns 2 2 2 3

* At a speed of 90% of maximum.

Drawing Su-1


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