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Tairov Ta-3
  • Heavy Escort Fighter
  • Tairov

Ta-3 - Heavy escort fighter developed by designer Vsevolod Konstantinovich Tairov. In essence, it was a multipurpose fighter-attack aircraft with increased combat effectiveness due to high flight speed and maneuverability, enhanced booking and powerful cannon armament located near the axis of the aircraft, which allowed the use of large-caliber aircraft cannons and ensured high accuracy when firing in the air. Its main purpose was to fight enemy aircraft and tanks.

According to the TsAGI pilots, the aircraft was easy to control, accessible to combat pilots. The aircraft was capable of performing all aerobatics and flying on one engine up to an altitude of 4100 m.

Despite the positive attitude towards the aircraft of the military and the NKAP, it was not possible to bring the Ta-3 to mass production. On October 29, 1941, while flying to Kuibyshev, Tairov died in a plane crash in the Penza region.

Crew 1
Wing span, m 14.00
Wing area, m² 33.50
Length, m 12.20
2 × radial PD-89, h.p. 2 × 1150
Weight, kg:
Empty 4,450
Loaded weight, kg 6,626
Maximum speed over ground, km/h 448
Maximum speed at altitude, km/h 595
Cruising speed, km/h 542
Service ceiling, m 11,000
Service range, km 2,065
One 37 mm cannon and two 20 mm ShVAK cannons

Estimates show that a pilot with good flight and shooting training on a Ta-3 with an anti-tank version of weapons, if implemented, could well become a kind of "thunderstorm" for the Panzerwaffe (out of 3350 tanks and self-propelled guns of all types intended for the invasion of the USSR, almost half - 1698 vehicles, were light), perfectly complementing the combat capabilities of the Il-2 single-engine armored attack aircraft in service.

It remains only to regret that the leadership of the country, the Air Force and the NKAP did not speed up work on the Ta-3.

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Drawing Ta-3


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