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Torpedo Bomber

Tu-2T in the version of a torpedo bomber was a special-purpose aircraft, depending on the needs of combat units, it retained the possibility of using it as a bomber (for horizontal and dive bombing) or a reconnaissance aircraft by changing the combat load.

Small arms and bomber weapons were retained according to the serial bomber version. In the version of the torpedo bomber, two external torpedo holders under the wing provided the suspension in the normal position for 45-36AN torpedoes with AN-42 stabilizers. The torpedo holders were controlled from a common electric ejector by both the pilot and the navigator of the aircraft. An emergency mechanical discharge was envisaged.

Instead of torpedoes and bombs, it was possible to suspend mines such as ADM-100, 250, 500 or 1000 kg, having overall dimensions and a suspension system identical to high-explosive bombs of the same calibers.

In June 1944, the OKB presented a draft design of the Tu-2 aircraft in the "low torpedo bomber" version.

Joint factory and state tests of the Tu-2T took place from February 13 to April 5, 1945, the aircraft passed the tests and was recommended for adoption by the Navy Air Force for low torpedo throwing purposes.

In October 1945, the 62T long-range bomber with ASh-82FN engines was undergoing state tests, and by August 1946 all work on the 62T aircraft had been completed. According to the conclusion of the NII commission, the 62T aircraft was recognized in terms of flight range as significantly better than all torpedo bombers that were in service with the aircraft of the Navy. Factory # 23 produced a small batch for the navy. Thus, "62T" became the first special torpedo bomber in the USSR.
In the middle of 1948, the OKB converted the serial Tu-2 2 ASh-82FN No. 20/56 into a version of a long-range torpedo bomber. In addition to the torpedo equipment, the car was equipped with a 1000 liter outboard gas tank. Tu-2T in the version of a torpedo bomber with an additional outboard tank withstood state tests and was recommended for adoption by the naval aviation in the version of a long-range low-altitude torpedo bomber.

Specifications Tu-2T
Crew 4
Length, m 14.42
Height, m 4.70
Wing span, m 22.06
Wing area, m² 59.05
Weight, kg
Empty weight 10,980
Loaded weight 16,300
2 × PE ASh-82FN
Power, hp 2 × 1850
Maximum speed, km/h 500
Cruising speed, km/h 490
Service range, km 3,800
Service ceiling, m 7,700

Armament. One defensive 12.7 mm UBT machine gun and two 20 mm ShVAK cannons in the roots of the wing consoles, two 950 kg torpedoes or mines.

Photo Description

Torpedo bomber Tu-2T, 3/4 and front view with two suspended torpedoes.


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