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Multipurpose Light Attack aircraft


U-2 in flight at 1940

This airplane created under the direction of Polikarpov in 1928 began one of the best and most known airplanes. It was applied more than 35 years. After Polikarpov death in 1944 an airplane in honour of its founder have renamed in Po - 2.

U-2 it was developed for initial training and had fine flight performances, it was possible to enter into spin only deliberately, and it easily left it. U-2 forgave even very much blunders of the pilot, and due to excellent take-off and landing characteristics could take off and land on the run way of very small size which frequently at all has been not prepared.

U-2 - a typical biplane. A design wooden with a fabric covering.
Motor M-11 of air cooling, power - 100 hp. Within Great Patriotic War this small basic trainer arplane have altered in easy Night bomber which could take up to 350 kg of bombs. In a rear cabin of this airplane named U-2BS, the shooting point with a machine gun placed.

U-2 was under construction serially till 1935. In total were built 33000 such airplanes.

Multipurpose Aircraft
U-1 U-2 UT-2 UT-1
Crew 2 2 2 1
Year of issue 1922 1928 1935 1937
Length, m 8.78 8.17 7.0 5.75
Wing span, m 10.85 11.4 10.2 7.3
Wing area, m2 30 33.15 17.12 9.58
Weight, kg:
Maximum takeoff weight 840 890 932 598
Engine M-2 M-11 M-11G M-11E
Power, hp 120 100 110 150
Maximum speed, km/h Maximum 137 150 205 257
Landing 68 67 90 80
Service ceiling, m 4500 3820 3100 7120
Photo Description
Drawing Po-2

Drawing Po-2


Polikarpov Po-2


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February 14, 2021.

In the photo above, the flights of 1940 in the flying club in Ivanovo. Perhaps, in the cockpits of the aircraft, the future heroes of World War II from the 46th Guards Women's NBAP.

Po-2 from 46th Guards Women's NBAP