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An aviation cannon of system Volkov-Yartcev


VYa-23 23-mm

In TsКB-14 (Central Designers Bureau-14) designers A.A.Volkov and S.A. Yartsev under new 23-mm the cartridge the automatic ТКB-201 cannon which later has received name VYa has been created by 23-mm. Drawings ТКB-201 were ready to May, 6, 1940.

Action of automatics is based on a principle of use of energy of the powder gases assigned from a bore.

Advantage of automatic VJa control unit was its high rate of shooting at high-power a shot for such calibre, lack - the big recoil.

Length of a trunk of gun VYa of 1,657 mm. Overall dimensions of a gun: length of 2145 mm, width of 162 mm, an altitude of 212 mm. Weight of a gun of 66 kg. Rate of shooting of a 550-650 shots/minutes.

Weight of all shells was identical - about 200 g, i.e. twice it is more, than at 20-mm of ShVAK gun. The fragmentation shell contained 10 г an explosive. Burst action of a fragmentation shell of VYa cannon was twice more, than at 20-mm of ShVAK cannon.

In May, 1941 ТКB-201 cannon has been introduced into the inventory under index VYa.

Recoil of VYa cannon was so great, that it have not dared to establish on a fighters.

Its unique carrier became Il - 2 attack aircraft in which each wing established on one VYa cannon with an ammunition load on 150 cartridges on a trunk.

The VYa cannon were made on two # 2 and # 66 plants. In 1942 it has been made 13420, in 1943 - 16430, in 1944 - 22820, in 1945 - 873, in 1946 - 2002 and in 1947-1247 pieces. Total 64655 cannons.


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