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Yakovlev Yak-7

When in 1939 was issued Yak-1, designers, having taken it for the basis, have developed double trainer fighter UTI-26. It has left on tests after I-26 and has soon been adopted to series production under mark Yak-7UTI. It is necessary to tell, that it was a unique double fighter of new generation.

The Yak-7UTI, as well as its subsequent version Yak-7B, during war have played an exclusive role for pilots preparation.

Yak-7UTI has served as the prototype and for single-seat fighter Yak-7. Single-seat fighting and double training versions Yak-7 had few structural differences and their manufacture has been unified, that during war had very big value.

As well as the Yak-1, fighter Yak-7 became one of the main airplanes of Soviet aviation in first half of war.

Total of 6399 Yak-7 in various versions was built within 1941-1944.

WW 2 Beginning Soviet Fighters
Yak-1 Yak-1 Yak-7B MiG-3
Year of issue 1941 1943 1943 1941
Length, m 8.48 8.48 8.48 8.25
Wing span, m 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.2
Wing area, m² 17.15 17.15 17.15 17.44
Weight, kg:
Maximum takeoff weight 2858 2884 3005 3300
Engine M-105P M-105PF M-105PF AM-35A
Power, h.p. 1100 1210 1210 1350
Max speed, km/h at sea level 480 501 531 472
at altitude 577 592 588 622
m 4950 4100 3860 7800
Time to 5000 m, min 9.2 6.2 6.6 5.7
Service Ceiling, m 10000 12500 10200 11500
Service Range*, km 700 625 600 630
Number Cannon 1 1 1 -
Machine guns 2 1 2 3

* Forcing of the engine during 10 minutes.

** On speed making 90 % from maximal.

Photo Description
Drawing Yak-9 (early series) Drawing Yak-7 (early series)
Yakovlev Yak-7 Yakovlev Yak-7


Tactical Reconnaissance Aircraft

Back in August 1941, on the instructions of the chief designer A.S. Yakovlev at the plant number 301 on the basis of the Yak-7UTI, two prototypes were manufactured in the version of the Yak-7R reconnaissance aircraft with the AFA-IM aerial cameras and the RSI-4 radio station. Metallization and shielding were performed on the aircraft, slats, armored backs, and special glass were installed. The armament consisted of one ShVAK cannon with 120 rounds of ammunition. These aircraft successfully passed state tests at the Research Institute of Special Services of the Air Force in September 1941, but were not serially built due to the great demand for a single-seat Yak-7 fighter.

The Yak-7B M-105PF in the version of a fighter - reconnaissance aircraft was an ordinary serial Yak-7B equipped with an AFA-IM camera and intended for reconnaissance from heights from 300 ... 400 m to 3000 m. A sample of photographic equipment was manufactured by plant number 82 in September 1943, according to the tactical and technical requirements of the Research Institute of Special Services. The installation of a 10 kg camera shifted the aircraft alignment back by 0.5% and increased the anti-aero angle by several tenths of a degree. The camera was located at the starboard side in the second cockpit of the aircraft between the 3rd and 4th fuselage frames, with the motor to the starboard side; the start button is on the control stick of the aircraft. For the passage of light beams in the AFA-IM, a 135 × 135 mm photo port was cut out in front of its lens.

The standard for serial production - the Yak-7B aircraft No. 14-10 of the plant No. 82 passed field tests at the Research Institute of Special Services in October 1943.

On serial Yak-7B aircraft, places with appropriate parts were provided for attaching the AFA-IM photo installation. Therefore, additional equipment of aircraft for photographic reconnaissance could be carried out by combat units directly in the field in accordance with the technical documentation attached to the aircraft. About 350 Yak-7B aircraft with photographic equipment for the AFA-IM camera were produced at factories No. 153 and No. 82.


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