Aviation of WWII
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Photo 1

Photo Discription

I-26-2 on the airfield at the Air Force Institute of State tests.

Yak-1 # 0105 in a rather unusual camouflage.

Fueling Yak-1

Fueling Yak-1

The first prototype of the Yak-1M (Yak-1 "Mosquito") during the production test.

Yak-1M during State acceptance tests in the Air Force Institute, from 27th June to 4th July 1943.

Yak-2 last series differed with extra windows on both sides.

M-103 aircraft # 22 with the open hood

Prototype BB-22 bis motors M-105.

M-105 aircraft of the BB-22bis # 1002

One of the first Yak-7 in the Wing

Experienced Yak-7 with M-82 engine.

Double Yak-7B with a ski rack

Yak-7B (s/n 2203, lot 22) trials at the Air Force Institute. Canopy rear cockpit is opaque but still functional cockpit, allows you to carry passengers (usually aircraft equipment) if necessary.

Yak-3 in flight. In the cockpit test pilot Rastorgouev.

Yak-3. Memorial Musee Normandie-Niemen

Yak-3 in the standard configuration.

Three species of the same Yak 3 after installing arrestors. This measure multiple increased maximum speed.

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