Aviation of WWII
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"Bostons" in USSR

"Bostons" in USSR

A-20G torpedo-bomber with navigator compartment in the rear fuselage part, 51st mine-torpedo regiment, 1945

American Douglas A-20 (known by British name Boston in Russia) was most widespread foreign bomber in the Soviet aviation. During the Great Patriotic War years the USSR had more planes of this type, then the USA. About 3000 bombers (3125) were supplied in accordance to Lend-Lease terms. These planes flew over land and sea. Bostons served as bombers, reconnaissance planes, torpedo-bombers, heavy night fighters and high-speed transports. Armies of other countries used many A-20s too, but Soviet Air Force was main user of these planes. Some years after war ending Bostons served with Soviet Air Force, Navy Aviation and Civil Air Fleet.

A-20 Boston
Crew 3
Wing span, m 18.69
Length, m 14.63
Height, m 5.36
2 X PE Wright R-2600-23 Cyclone, hp 1,600
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 7,830
Loaded weight 1,2330
Maximum speed, km/h 560
Time to 3000m, min 9
Service ceiling, m 7225
Maximum range, km 3380
6 X 12,7-mm ShKAS machine guns or 4 X 20-mm ShVAK cannon in nose, 2 X 12,7mm in tower, Bombs, kg 1800


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