Aviation of WWII
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Photo Airfield
Sqdn Type No Accident Crew
March 1940 18 Blenheim L6800
Blehheim L6800/ WV:Q of No 18 Squadron. Squadron aircrew who distinguished themselves in these risky operations were, in late March 1940. Aircraft was written off in a landing accident at Upwood on 25 July 1941.  
June 1940
110 Blenheim IV R3874 This example of gun is fitted to R3874, a No 110 Squadron Blenheim at Wattisham in June 1940 which survived to serve in 13 OTU, eventually crashing shortly after takeoff from Bicester.  
13 January 1941
40 Blenheim IV T1858
Blenheim IV T1858/BL:Z was sent to conduct a reconnaissance of Nordhorn airfield and did not return.
Blenheim T1830/BL:Z, surviving to be broken up as obsolete late in 1944.
6 July 1941
21 Blenheim IV Z7432
Blenheim IV Z7432/YH:J of No 21 Squadron at Watton on 6 July 1941. The fire crews at Watton were soon upon the scene and liberally doused the smoking Mercury engines with foam flame-suppressant.  
4 July 1941
107 Blenheim IV V6020
Blenheim IV V6020/OM:W of No 107 Squadron on 4 July 1941. Brought down at Blockland at 08 06 hrs, the Blenheim is believed to be that flown by Flt Lt Wellburn. KIA Flt Lt Wellburn
Photo Airfield
Sqdn Type No Accident Crew
16 July 1941
18 Blenheim IV V6267
Blenheim IV V6267/WV:M of No 18 Squadron on 16 July 1941. Flown by the squadron CO, Wg Cdr Partridge, the Blenheim was seen to crash in a river, shortly after this photograph was taken. Partridge had only joined the squadron at the beginning of the month, bringing his observer, Sgt Dvorjetz, with him. KIA Wg Cdr Partridge; Sgt Dvorjetz
16 July 1941
21 Blenheim V5595
A flight of three No 21 Squadron Blenheims, 16 July 1941. V5595/ YH:P, with Fit Sgt Kemp's crew, was lost on its next operation, a shipping strike, two days later.  
12 August 1941 114 Blenheim V6391
Blenheim IV V6391/RT:V of No 114 Squadron on 12 August 1941. Blenheim V6391 would survive until lost in an intruder operation over Holland the following January.  
October 1940
214 Wellington T2470
Wellington T2470/BU:K, of No 214 Squadron, here being towed in for repairs during October 1940, was a victim of accident about a month later when, on Guy Fawkes Day, it crashed at Denston having overshot Stradishall.  
13 October 1940 Wellington T2470
Whitley P5OO5/DY:N on 13 November 1940. Wireless operator Sgt. A. Davidson sustained slight wounds. Despite the adverse aerodynamic effect of the flapping fuselage skin, the pilot was able to return safely to base. His name was P Off G. L. Cheshire and the feat brought him a Distinguished Service Order.