Aviation of WWII
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Photo Airfield
Sqdn Type No Accident Crew
25/26 June 1942
83 Lancaster R5620
In the foreground is R5620/ OL:H, with P Off J. R. Farrow, was to be the only No 83 plane failing to return this night  
was lost soon after the squadron moved to Wyton to join the Pathfinders in August 1942  
survived until 21/22 January 1944, when it failed to return from Magdeburg  
Holme-on-Splading Moor
26 July 1943
Halifax V DK148
At 04.26 hrs on 26 July 1943 Flt Lt C.M. Shannon crash-landed Halifax V Series I DK148/ MP:G at Holme-on-Splading Moor. On approach to Essen the port inner engine appeared to have been damaged by shrapnel as vibration set in. Two weeks later Shannon and crew failed to return from another target.  
13 August 1941 75 Wellington X9764
Wellington X9764/AA:V, of No 75 Squadron on 13 August 1941 after emergency landing. Wellingtons were highly repairable and, despite the damage, X9764 was back in service a few months later, only to be lost with a Polish crew of No 304 Squadron in the Cologne raid of 5/6 April 1942.  
Scampton 57 Lancaster W4201
Lancaster W4201/DX:F from No 57 Squadron at the base at Scampton. It was eventually written off in a crash-landing at home station after being badly shot up by a night fighter on 13/14 March 1943.  
West Mailing
9 April 1943
428 Wellington HE239
Wellington HE239/NA:Y, on 8/9 April 1943 blasted away the rear turret with gunner and caused other severe damage to this No 428 Squadron aircraft. The pilot, Sgt L.F. Williamson, found that he could still control the aircraft, so he continued to the target. Despite this difficulty and the near-naked rear end, HE239/NA:Y was brought back for a safe landing at West Mailing. The Wellington was repaired and pensioned off to fly with OTUs for the rest of its life.  
Photo Airfield
Sqdn Type No Accident Crew
June 1943
Halifax II JD206
Halifax II, JD206/ DY:T at Pocklington on June 1943. A few days after this photograph of the Halifax, after jettisoning the bomb load Honey elected to ditch. This was accomplished successfully in the bright moonlight and the crew took to the dinghy... The situation was relieved when the Halifax crew were transferred to a motor gunboat.  
22 November 1943
Lancaster JB362
Lancaster JB362/EA:D at the Fiskerton after the Berlin raid of 22 November 1943. Four nights later this aircraft and Brunt's crew failed to return from another visit to Berlin.  
15 Stirling N6086
Stipling MacRoben's Reply, N6086/LS:F of No 15 Squadron, flew twelve sorties and after major maintenance was used by No 1651 Heavy Conversion Unit at Waterbeach. It crashed in Oakington village on 14 March 1943 after losing a wing.  
14 January 1943
106 Lancaster R5700
Lancaster R5700/ZN:G from No 106 Squadron at the USAAF base at Hardwick, 14 January 1943. Repaired, the Lancaster was issued to No 9 Squadron, with whom it was lost in the Hanover raid of 22/23 September 1943.  
30 November 1939 Whitley N1357
Whitley N1357/KN:H, Villeneuve at 30 November 1939. This Whitley was lost after a Nickel flight over the Ruhr on 28 March 1940 when Fg Off Geach and crew trespassed over neutral Holland and the bomber was shot down by a Dutch fighter. Sgt Miller was killed, the rest of the crew interned.