Aviation of WWII
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RAF. People and Aircraft.

Photo Airfield
Sqdn Type No Accident Crew
30 August 1943
51 Halifax HR782
Halifax II Series I HR782/MH:V of No 51 Squadron at 30 August 1943 at Ossington base. Following repair the aircraft was finally lost at a later date—in this case after 168 hours' total flying time on the Leipzig raid of 3/4 December 1943.  
January 1942
10 Halifax L9621
Halifax, L9621/ZA:P of No 10 Squadron at Leeming in January 1942. An aircraft that was retired from operations only to be wrecked in a bad-weather landing accident at Croft in the following spring.  
18 December 1941 35 Halifax V9978
Halifax, V9978/ TL:A of No 35 Squadron over Brest harbour on 18 December 1941... Wing Commander decided to ditch in the sea. This was accomplished successfully some 60 miles from England and all members of the crew were rescued.  
21 April 1943
15 Stirling BF476
Stirling BF476/LS:P of No 15 Squadron on 20/21 April 1943 after crash-landing near Vejle in North Jutland. Flt Lt С. Р. Lyons and crew set fire to the aircraft.  
27 April 1943
75 Stirling BF517
Stirling BF517/AA:O of No 75 Squadron on 27 April 1943 at Newmarket. The rear gunner, Sgt B.A. Rogers, was mortally wounded and two other crew members suffered minor wounds. A crash-landing being made at Newmarket without further injury to the airmen. KIA B.A. Rogers
Photo Airfield
Sqdn Type No Accident Crew
1 June 1943
105 Mosquito DZ467
Mosquiuto DZ467/ GB:P, flown by P Off Massie, was the only No 105 Squadron aircraft failing to return. Two other aircraft, one from each squadron, crashed on return, one while trying to land at Coltishall and the other at home base. Both crews were killed. KIA P Off Massie
Tortorella 37 Wellington MF139:K Wellington MF139:K of No 37 Squadron, at Tortorella. The trusty 'Wimpy' still soldiered on with night bombing operations in the Mediterranean area, this one failing to return from Brod Bosanski on 15 July 1944.
31 June 1944
75 Lancaster ND917 Lancaster ND917 of No 75 Squadron on one of the Advanced Landing Grounds on the Normandy beach-head on 31 June 1944. This was the first RAF 'heavy' to make use of one of these small strips.
   ND917 was one of four Lancasters lost during a daylight raid on Solingen on 4 November 1944.
21 April 1944
460 Lancaster W4783
Lancaster W4783/AR:G of No 460 RAAF Squadron after completion of the 90th trip on 20/21 April 1944. the authorities decided to retire the veteran and present it to the Australian War Museum. Posing for the camera is Fg Off J. A. Critchley's crew, who flew the aircraft on its final trip.
winter 1943
Halifax LL126 An engine test on Halifax, LL126 on a cold winter's day. LL126 was passed to the French squadrons formed at Elvington and later retired to No 1662 HCU. It was with this last unit that it met its end, diving into the ground near Long Ashton during a night navigation exercise. The seven members of the Polish crew were all killed.