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Photo Airfield
Sqdn Type No Accident Crew
23 November 1944
614 Halifax JP321/V On 22/23 November 1944 Halifax JP321/V of No 614 Squadron was attacked twice in three minutes by a Ju 88 night fighter. Two ammunition boxes in the rear fuselage, causing most of the rounds to detonate. Regardless of the hazard, the flight engineer, Sgt K. Briggs, extinguished the flames and the aircraft was brought back to its Amendola base in Italy without injury to the crew. The aircraft was scrapped.  
June 1943 217 Lancaster LM326
Lancaster LM326/EM:Z of No 217 Squadron on a local flight, it is seen here against a background of countryside east of Grantham. LM326/EM:Z lasted four months before failing to return from the Hanover raid of 18/19 October 1943 with Flt Sgt G.Taylor and crew.
"Your information about the crew of LM326 on this page is incorrect. The crew survived and were made POW's. It's all covered in a 1956 book by the pilot Geoff Taylor called 'Piece of Cake'". Steve
G.Taylor and crew
29 June 1943
158 Halifax HR837
Flt Sgt D. Cameron's Halifax, HR837/NP:F of No 158 Squadron, was 'clobbered' over Cologne on 28/29 June 1943. It is seen here at home station Lissett the following day.  
20 June 1943
9 Lancaster ED689
Flt Lt J.A. Wakeford entering Lancaster ED689/WS:K of No 9 Squadron at Bardney, 20 June 1943.
   On 3/4 July 1943 'luck ran out' for the Wakeford crew and the same Lancaster when they were the only loss of the Squadron in a raid on Cologne.
KIA* J.A. Wakeford and crew
17 October 1942 97 Lancaster R5497
Lancaster R5497/OF:Z of No 97 Squadron, with Fg Off J.R. Brunt and crew, 17 October 1942. Their luck ran out on the night of 17/18 December 1942 when, in the same Lancaster, they were one of nine crews who failed to return that night. KIA J.R. Brunt and crew
19 June 1943
102 Halifax II DT743
Pocklington, 19 June 1943: Halifax II DT743/DY:O, with Sgt Т. Н. Dargavel at the controls, begins its take-off run. None of the 23 No 102 Squadron Halifaxes bound for Le Creusot that night were lost.  


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