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Bristol Bisley Mk I

Bisley Mk I (Blenheim Mk V). The development of an attack bomber capable of providing direct support to troops, both with bombs and machine gun fire, the Bristol company began in January 1940 on the basis of the Blenheim Mk IV glider. Bristol presented a project - an improved version of the "Blenheim" Mk IV, with a crew of two, where the vital structural elements were covered with armor, the total weight of which was 272 kg. In addition to the standard Mk IV bomb bay, the new vehicle received four 7.69 mm machine guns in the nose, which has lost its glazing.

Outwardly, from its predecessor, "Blenheim" Mk IV, the new attack aircraft differed mainly in the design of the bow with a battery of four machine guns.

A Bristol VX turret with two 7.69-mm machine guns and a gyro-stabilized sight was placed on top of the Beasley. Unlike earlier turret models, the BX was large and was placed in a special cutout in the fuselage, which allowed for increased firing angles.

Due to the increased weight (7711 kg), the chassis was strengthened and the design of the doors and OSH compartments was changed.

The oil coolers were moved from the engines to the outer parts of the wing consoles, in the leading edge of which, next to the engine nacelles, air intakes were made.

The first prototype took off on February 24, 1941, and serial production of the aircraft began in October 1941. The prototypes were powered by the 920 hp Mercury XVI engines, while the production vehicles used the Mercury XXV or XXX engines with 840 hp. In November, the Air Ministry dropped the Beasley name in favor of the Blenheim Mk V, believing that different names for very similar aircraft could lead to confusion.

A total of 942 aircraft were produced, the last of which left the plant in June 1943.

Характеристики Bisley Mk I
Экипаж 2
Wing span, m 17.09
Wing area, m² 43.57
Length, m 13.38
Height, m 3.10
2×PE Bristol Mercury ХXV, h.p. 2×840
Weight, kg:
Empty 4,994
Gross weight 7,718
Maximum speed, km/h 418
Cruising speed, km/h 300
Service ceiling, m 9,450
Service range, km 2,574

Armament. Six 7.7-mm machine guns, up to 454 kg of bombs in the bomb compartment and 145 kg on external suspensions.

Photo Description
Drawing Bristol Bisley Mk I

Drawing Bristol Bisley Mk I


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