Aviation of WWII
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Blenheim R3874 of No 110 Squadron

(Rus)  The Blenheim was about 100 mph slower than its chief antagonist, the Messerschmitt Bf 109, and evasive action and cloud cover provided the best chance of survival for an aircraft if intercepted. The main defensive armament was two .303 calibre Brownings in the mid-upper turret, which were outranged by the fighter's cannon. To afford some defence against a low rear attack, Blenheim IVs were fitted with a .303 calibre K gun under the nose, sighted through mirrors and fired by the navigator/bomb-aimer. Later a controllable FN5A twin .303 Browning mounting was installed. This example of a K gun is fitted to R3874, a No 110 Squadron Blenheim at Wattisham in June 1940 which survived to serve in 13 OTU, eventually crashing shortly after takeoff from Bicester. (IWM CH366)