Aviation of WWII
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Blenheim IVs of No 40 Squadron at Wyton on 28 July 1940

(Rus)  Blenheim IVs of No 40 Squadron taxying out at Wyton for a formation practice on 28 July 1940. Small stores racks under the rear fuselage were for smoke bombs. At the end of the year the Squadron converted to Wellingtons prior to its despatch to Malta, many of its aircraft and crews being transferred to No 114 Squadron. In this later service, on 13 January 1941, T1858 was sent under cover of cloud to conduct a reconnaissance of Nordhorn airfield, close to the German/Dutch border. It was the only Bomber Command aircraft on operations that day. It did not return. T1830/BL:Z, with crew aboard in this photograph, also went to No 114 and other service, surviving to be broken up as obsolete late in 1944. (IWM CH723)