Aviation of WWII
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Blenheim IV V6391/RT:V of No 114 Squadron on 12 August 1941

(Rus)  Two power stations near Cologne were identified as supplying much of the needs of war industry in the region and an elaborate plan to attack them was devised. On 12 August 1941 54 Blenheims were despatched on a low-level raid which would take them well beyond the range of friendly fighter support. The major target was at Knapsack, 7½ miles south-west of Cologne, to which 38 Blenheims were sent. They were met by intense anti-aircraft fire. The No 114 Squadron aircraft in the photograph, V6391/RT:V, with Sgts Broom, North and Harrison as pilot, observer and air gunner respectively, survived the flak; the crew would be sent to the Middle East a month later and V6391 would survive until lost in an intruder operation over Holland the following January. (IWM C2025)