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Hawker Hurricane

The Hurricane was undoubtedly one of the greatest and most versatile fighter aircraft of WWII, and it remained in service with the RAF until January 1947. Hawker Hurricane was designed under Sydney Camm's direction as logical progression from Fury biplane, and known, in earliest project form, as Fury Monoplane with 660 hp R-R Goshawk VI steam-cooled engine. Subsequently evolved around R-R P.V.12 (Merlin) in 1934 as Interceptor Monoplane.

The Hurricane underwent many modifications during its life, resulting in many major variants, including the Mk IIA, with a Merlin XX engine; the Mk IIB, with interchangeable wings housing twelve 7.7mm (0.303in) guns and carrying two 500lb bombs; the Mk IID, a tankbuster with two 40mm anti-tank guns plus two 7.7mm guns; the Mk IV, with a universal, multi-purpose wing, and powered by a 1,620hp Merlin 24/27 engine; and the Canadian-built Mk XII, with a 1,300hp Packard Merlin 29 engine.

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