Aviation of WWII
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Halifax JP321/V of No 614 Squadron on 23 November 1944 at Amendola base in Italy

(Rus)  On 22/23 November 1944 Halifax JP321/V of No 614 Squadron, with Fg Off H. Weldon and crew, acted as 'illuminator' for a raid on the marshalling yards at Szombatheley, Hungary. At 2010 hrs the Halifax was attacked twice in three minutes by a Ju 88 night fighter. The first enemy incendiaries set fire to two ammunition boxes in the rear fuselage, causing most of the rounds to detonate. Regardless of the hazard, the flight engineer, Sgt K. Briggs, extinguished the flames and the aircraft was brought back to its Amendola base in Italy without injury to the crew.

The aircraft was scrapped. (IWM CHI7868)