Aviation of WWII
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Halifax II DT743/DY:O of No 102 Squadron on 19 June 1943 at Pocklington

(Rus)  Pocklington, 19 June 1943: Halifax II DT743/DY:O, with Sgt Т. Н. Dargavel at the controls, begins its take-off run in the gathering gloom. Airmen spectators watch, give the thumbs up and wave the bomber off with a wish of good luck. None of the 23 No 102 Squadron Halifaxes bound for Le Creusot that night were lost. The Schneider works was one of the largest armament factories in France and its output of considerable value to the Germans. The factory was hit, but the bombing was not concentrated and casualties among the local French did little to enhance the RAF's reputation. (IWM CH10331)