Aviation of WWII
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Flt Lt C.M. Shannon crash-landed Halifax V DK148/ MP:G at Holme-on-Splading Moor

(Rus)  At 04.26 hrs on 26 July 1943 Flt Lt C.M. Shannon crash-landed Halifax V Series I (Special) DK148/ MP:G at Holme-on-Splading Moor. On approach to Essen the port inner engine appeared to have been damaged by shrapnel as vibration set in. Shortly after bombing, at 17,000ft, the propeller on the port inner became uncontrollable, eventually separating from the engine and slashing into the aircraft's nose.

The impact caused a loss of control and when Shannon brought 'Johnnie the Wolf' back to level flight it was discovered that the mid-upper gunner had baled out. The broken wooden propeller blades lessened engine damage but in this case the damage sustained in flight, plus that of the crash-landing, rendered the Halifax a write-off. Two weeks later Shannon and crew failed to return from another target. (IWM CE91)