Aviation of WWII
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Halifax II, JD206/ DY:T at Pocklington on June 1943

(Rus)  A few days after this photograph of a Halifax II, JD206/ DY:T, was taken at Pocklington, Flt Sgt G. S. Honey and crew set off in it bound for Mulheim, the raid of 22/23 June 1943. On the way in, while flying over Oberflakke, the bomber was hit by flak (!). Three engines were put out of action and, with only the starboard outer running, Honey had to put the aircraft into a dive to avoid stalling. As parachuting into the sea was not the best option, after jettisoning the bomb load Honey elected to ditch. This was accomplished successfully in the bright moonlight and the crew took to the dinghy. At first light a drogue was raised and was seen by low-flying Mustangs at 06 25hrs. Later in the day Typhoons flew over and eventually two No 277 Squadron Walrus amphibians arrived. One boarded Honey and another member of the crew and took off for Martlesham. The other Walrus, too heavily loaded, was unable to become airborne and proceeded to taxi towards England. The situation was relieved when the Halifax crew were transferred to a motor gunboat from Felixstowe. (IWM CHI0776)