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Halifax GR

Halifax GR - British anti-submarine patrol aircraft, like its donor, was a four-engine all-metal monoplane with a two-fin tail, retractable landing gear with a tail wheel, and in fact was a modification of a heavy bomber. Halifax, created at the Handley-Page design bureau under the leadership of G. Volkert, made its first flight as early as October 25, 1939. Serial production of Halifaxes began in October 1940, and only from the end of 1942 the refurbishment of bombers into anti-submarine patrol aircraft at the Cunliff-Owen plant in Eastleigh. Engines and weapons remained the same as on the bombers, depending on the modification. The bomb load of all variants is up to 5920 kg. Crew - 7 people.

Combat use. Operations "Halifax" in the Coastal Command began in January 1943 from bases in Great Britain, a little later - from Gibraltar. Halifaxes operated in nine squadrons of the Coastal Command on anti-submarine, meteorological and anti-ship patrols. The aircraft was used until the end of the war.

Halifax was discontinued in November 1946 (after the war, only military transport modifications were produced). Anti-submarine variants served until March 1952.

Halifax GR Mk IA Specification
Crew 7
Wing span, m 30.94
Wing area, m² 118.45
Length, m 21.32
2 × PE Rolls-Royce Merlin X, power, h.p. 2 × 1280
Weight, kg:
Empty 15,600
Loaded weight 26,400
Maximum speed, km/h 500
Cruising speed, km/h 426
Service ceiling, m 7320
Service range, km 3,840
Maximum rate of climb, m/min 300
7.7 mm machine guns 10
Bomb load up to, kg 5920


  • Halifax GR.Mk IA. Converted from B.IA type bombers, with Merlin X engines and 10 × 7.69 armament.
  • Halifax GR.Mk II. Converted from V.II, with Merlin XX / 22 engines and weapons (8-9) × 7.69
  • Halifax GR.Mk V. Converted from B. V, similar to GR.II, but Doughty chassis (instead of Messier).
Photo Description
Drawing Halifax GR II

Drawing Halifax GR II


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