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Hurricane Mk. II



Hurricane Mk. II

Soviet Hawker Hurricanes: Nearly 3,000 Hawker Hurricanes supplied to Soviet Union 1941-1944 from British and Canadian production, including 210 Mk IIA (some Mk I conversions), 1,557 Mk IIB, 1,009 Mk IIC, 60 Mk IID and about 100 Mk IV. In Russia, some Hawker Hurricanes adapted to have 0.50 in (12.7 mm) machine guns of US origin, and a few modified to two-seaters for training.

Within five weeks of 1941 to the Soviet pilots the pilots of Royal air forces (RAF), arrived in USSR. The 151th wing were specially formed at the request of government USSR for the help at a defense of Murmansk.

For five weeks the Soviet pilots successfully have mastered "Hurricanes", and the 151th wing have returned home. During fights the British pilots have brought down not less than 16 planes of the opponent, having lost only one (sergeant - pilot Djon Smith).

Further on "Hurricanes" the Soviet pilots battled on Northern fleet, Hero of the Soviet Union Boris Safonov protected sea escorts in area of the Kola peninsula - Murmansk.

Hurricane Mk. II
Crew 1
Wing span, m 12,19
Length, m 9.81
Height, m 3,99
1 × PE Rolls-Royce Merlin XX, hp 1260
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 2566
Loaded weight 3649
Maximum speed, km/h 529
Rate of climb, m/min 838
Service ceiling, m 9800
4 × 20-mm Hispano or Oerlikon cannon or 4 × 12.7-mm machine guns 4
Photo Description
Drawing Drawing Hurricane Mk.IIA Drawing Hurricane Mk.IIA
'Hurricane' with soviet armament-2×ShVAK, 2×UB and RS "Hurricane" with soviet armament-2×ShVAK, 2×UB and RS (the photo of Runov).
'Hurricane' IIB from 151 Wing, Vaenga, at october, 1941 "Hurricane" IIB from 151 Wing, Vaenga, at october, 1941.

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