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Sea Hurricane

From CCF production, RCAF received 400 Hawker Hurricane XIIs, of which 150 transferred to RAF, and 80 Hawker Hurricane Xs transferred from RAF. All other Canadian production was for supply to Britain, where many convened to Sea Hawker Hurricane (or completed as such before delivery), leading to Sea Hawker Hurricane XI, XII and XIIA designations. RCAF operational use of Hawker Hurricane began in Canada with No 1(F) Sqn in 1939 (using British-built Mk Is) and continued in UK. Ten RG-AF squadrons flew Hawker Hurricanes in defensive role in Canada.

Specification Sea Hurricane Mk.IIC
Crew 1
Wing span, m 12.19
Wing area, m² 23.92
Length, m 9.83
Height, m 3.99
1 × PE Rolls-Royce Merlin XX, hp 1280
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 2667
Loaded weight 3674
Maximum speed at 6706 m, km/h 550
Cruise speed, km/h 470 at 6096 m
Service ceiling, m 10851
Service range, km 740
4 × 20-mm Hispano cannon 4
Photo Description
Drawing Hurricane Mk.IIC Drawing Sea Hurricane Mk.IIC
«Empire Tide», Sea Hurricane MK. IA The «Empire Tide» transport with catapult armed merchantman. «Sea Hurricane MK. IA» on the catapult, october 9, 1941.
Sea Hurricane Mk. IB an aircraft carrier 'Victorious', June 1942 "Sea Hurricane Mk. IB" on a deck of an aircraft carrier "Victorious", June 25-27, 1942.


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Sea Hurricane