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Lancaster JO-Z

Heavy Bomber



This Junkers 88 operated out of Kjevik and belonged to 4/NJG 3. On the night of April 24, 1945 it intercepted a Lancaster from 463 Sqdn. and got several hits. However, the Lancaster crew returned the fire and hit the Ju88 several times, and finally it went smoking to the ground, crashed and killed the crew of three men. The Lancaster involved in this incident was RA542 (JO-Z) from 463 Sqdn. They were on route to bomb the oil refinery at Vallш near Tшnsberg, when the Junker attacked. 3 of the crewmen were severely wounded and the aircraft was almost uncontrollable. They decided to try to make it to Sweden. They managed to land the aircraft at Sдtenдs airfield in Sweden. The crew found their way to a hospital and were interned until the war ended. The crew received two DSO's and one CGM for their outstanding achievement The Lancaster was later repaired by the Swedish Air Force, but was chopped up by a local scrap-dealer in 1947/48.

Photo Description

The Lancaster as it stood at Satenas. Picture from the book "Nodlandning" by Bo Widfeldt and Rolph Wegmann


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