Aviation of WWII
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Lancaster W4783/AR:G of No 460 Squadron after completion of the 90th trip on 20/21 April 1944

(Rus)  One of the most distin­guished squadrons in RAF Bomber Command was No 460, an RAAF unit. Being a three-flight squadron with an establishment of 30 aircraft for virtually the whole time it was equipped with Lancasters, it claimed to have hauled more bombs into the Reich than any other squadron in the Command. It did this at great cost, suffering heavy losses on many occasions. One Lancaster that escaped the attrition was W4783/AR:G from its original complement received in 1942, which endured through 90 raids. After completion of the 90th trip on 20/21 April 1944 the authorities decided to retire the veteran and present it to the Australian War Museum. Posing for the camera is Fg Off J. A. Critchley's crew, who flew the aircraft on its final trip. Although No 460 was an Australian squadron, many air crew members were British—in this crew the flight engineer and the two air gunners. A Binbrook C-type hangar can be seen in the background of this photograph. (IWM CH20519)