Aviation of WWII
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Lancaster LM326/EM:Z of No 217 Squadron on a local flight

(Rus)  By the autumn of 1943 the Lancaster had become the major type in RAF Bomber Command. No 207 Squadron was one of the first with Lancasters but was unfortunate in suffering some of the highest losses and in Nissen-hut rumour was a 'chop' squadron. LM326/EM:Z lasted four months before failing to return from the Hanover raid of 18/ 19 October 1943 with Flt Sgt G.Taylor and crew. Photographed on a local flight, it is seen here against a background of countryside east of Grantham. Prominent is Barkston Heath airfield, recently brought up to Class A standard for a bomber airfield. Typical of the type, it had three intersecting concrete runways, dispersals for 50 aircraft and accomodation for some 2,500 personnel. The cost of such an airfield was 1,000,000 pounds. (IWM CH12115)