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Lancasters of No 83 Squadron at Scampton, 25/26 June 1942

(Rus)  Lancasters of No 83 Squadron taxi at Scampton for the 'Thousand Plan' raid on Bremen, 25/26 June 1942. In the foreground is R5620/ OL:H, with P Off J. R. Farrow and crew, one member giving the V-sign. This aircraft had flown on the Squadron's first raid with Lancasters the previous month and was to be the only No 83 plane failing to return this night. Next is R5610/OL:G, another of the original Lancaster complement, which was lost soon after the squadron moved to Wyton to join the Pathfinders in August 1942. The third aircraft is R5565/ OL:K, which survived until 21/22 January 1944, when it failed to return from Magdeburg. (IWM CH6095)