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AVRo 691 Lancastrian

The Avro Lancastrian transport aircraft was created in Canada in 1942, and was a converted heavy four-engine Avro Lancastrian bomber with removed weapons.

To achieve greater range, two fuel tanks of 400 Imperial gallons (1818 liters) each were installed in the bomb bays, 10 passenger seats were installed in the fuselage and windows were mounted on the sides. The installation of additional fuel tanks made it possible to increase the flight range to 6677 km. In this version, the aircraft on July 22, 1943 allowed the Canadian company "Trans-Canada Airlines" to open a government transatlantic line, carrying up to 4 tons of mail.

In the near future, by order of the BOAC company, AVRo reworked another 20 Lancaster, which are at the final stage of production. After the conversion, the aircraft received the designation Avro Series 691 Lancastrian.

AVRo also received an order for the Lancastrian C. Mk.II for the RAF. The aircraft, generally similar to the civilian Lancastrian I, but with nine passenger seats, entered service in October 1945. 33 of these transports were built, followed by 18 10- and 13-seater Lancastrian C. Mk. IV, similar to the civilian Lancastrian III.

Most of the Lancastrian military entered the civil aircraft market, some were used to test turbojet engines. The first, redesigned by Rolls-Royse in 1946, was powered by two Nene external turbojet engines with a thrust of 2268 kg and became the world's first civil aircraft with a jet propulsion system (in this case, the propulsion system was still mixed).

A total of 91 units of various modifications were produced.

Lancastrian C.I Specification
Crew 5
Wing span, m 31.09
Wing area, m² 120.49
Length, m 23.47
Height, m 5.90
4×PE Rolls-Royce Merlin 12, h.p. 4×1250
Weight, kg:
Empty 13,800
Loaded weight 29,480
Maximum speed, km/h 499
Cruising speed, km/h 343
Service ceiling, m 7,010
Service range, km 6,677
Payload, cargo 3560 kg and passengers 9
Photo Description
Drawing AVRo 691 Lancastrian Mk IV

Drawing AVRo 691 Lancastrian Mk IV

AVRo 691 Lancastrian 'Aries'

AVRo 691 Lancastrian "Aries"

AVRo Lancastrian c Nene Engines

AVRo Lancastrian c Nene Engines


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