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S.19 Singapore

Patrol Flying Boat


Short S.19 Singapore

Patrol flying boat S.19 Singapore Mk III, manufactured by Short Brothers, maiden flight June 15, 1934, equipped with four liquid-cooled V 12 Rolls-Royce Kestrel VIII / IX, 560 hp, two engines in tandem installation with pulling and pushing screw.

The largest of the flying boats, the RAF biplane, was structurally a biplane with a streamlined all-metal hull and fabric-covered metal load-bearing surfaces.

The crew of six was in the central cabin, as well as in three open firing points in front, middle of the hull and aft (Vickers or Lewis machine guns). A large fuel tank was located behind the wing in the upper part of the hull.

A total of 37 aircraft were built, discontinued in June 1937.

S.19 Singapore Mk III
Crew 6
Length, m 23.16
Height, m 7.19
Wing span, m 27,43
Wing area, m² 170,38
Weight, kg
Empty 8355
Loaded 12,475
4 × PE V 12 Rolls-Royce Kestrel VIII/IX, h.p. 4 × 560
Maximum speed at altitude 610 m, km/h 233
Cruising speed, km/h 169
Service ceilling, m 4,572
Service range, km 1,609
3 × 7,7-mm Lewis gun, bombs, kg 907
Drawing Singapore Mk.III


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