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S.8 Calcutta

Biplane Airliner Flying Boat


Short Calcutta

Flying Boat S.8 Calcutta, manufactured by Short Brothers, first flight 14 February 1928.

The Calcutta biplane flying boat originated from an Imperial Airways requirement to service the Mediterranean legs of its services to and from India.

Power Plant - three Bristol Jupiter engines mounted between the wings. The two pilots flew the plane from an open cockpit while the radio operator shared the main cabin with 15 passengers.

S.8 Calcutta
Crew 2
Length, m 20.36
Height, m 7.24
Wing span, m 28.36
Wing area, m² 169.77
Empty weight, kg 5,730
Loaded weight, kg 10,216
Max weight, kg 15,600
3 × PE Bristol Jupiter XIF, power, h.p. 3 × 560
Max speed, km/h 190
Cruising speed, km/h 156
Service ceiling, m 3,800
Service range, km 1,050
Passengers 15


  • Shorts Aircraft since 1900. /Barnes, C.H. (1967)./
  • British warplanes of World War II /under cor. Daniel March/
Short S8 Calcutta in flight