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Spitfire PR Mk XIX

High-speed Photo Reconnaissance Aircraft


Spitfire PR Mk XIX in flight

The high-speed Spitfire PR.Mk XIX photo reconnaissance aircraft with a Griffon engine and characteristics similar to the German Me 262 jet fighters appeared in May 1944. The new photo reconnaissance aircraft was created on the basis of the Mk XIV fighter, but most of the vehicles were pressurized and could rise to a height of 13,716 m, and all, without exception, had wing fuel tanks of the Mk XI type. With outboard tanks, the aircraft had a practical range of 2,900 kilometers. This aircraft became the fastest of the Spitfire family, released in wartime - its speed reached 748 km/h.

A total of 225 such aircraft were built for the European, Mediterranean and Far Eastern theaters. After the war, they, along with de Havilland Mosquito, formed the backbone of the British Air Force's photographic reconnaissance units prior to the adoption of the Meteor and Canberra reconnaissance variants.

Характеристики Spitfire PR Mk XIX
Экипаж 1
Wing span, m 11.23
Length, m 9.47
Wing area, m² 22.48
1 × PE Rolls-Royce Griffon 65, power, h. p. 2050
Weight, kg:
Empty 2,545
Loaded weight 3,848
Maximum speed, km/h 748
Cruising speed, km/h 635
Rate of climb, m/min 1412
Service ceiling, m 12,200
Service range, km 2,900
Photo Description
Drawing Spitfire PR Mk XIX

Drawing Spitfire PR XIX

Spitfire PR Mk XIX

Spitfire PR Mk XIX


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