Aviation of WWII
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Spitfire Mk.V



Spitfire Mk.V

After Stalin's reference to Churchill in October 1942, Spitfire Vb (a wing such as "b" - 4 machine guns Browning and 2 cannons Hispano), were supplied to USSR, by, March 1943 143 aircrafts immediately were applied.

Till September 1941 main opponent Spitfire was Bf 109E. Though this airplane had small advantage in flight performances at the altitude 6100 m, and its arms was easier, but as a whole Spitfire V was best of two airplanes. Then, in the September, first of the newest Fw 190 have taken part in fights above France. Spitfire strongly conceded to new airplane Luftwaffe. The answer became created Spitfire Mk. IX, by use of glider Mk. Vс with more high-power engine Merlin 61.

Spitfire Mk.V
Crew 1
Wing span, m 11.23
Length, m 9.12
Height, m 3.48
Rolls-Royce Merlin 45, 50, 55, hp 1585 (1470)
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 2250
Loaded weight 2830
Maximum takeoff weight 3810
Maximum speed, km/h 605
Climb, m/min 1650
Service ceiling, m 11280
Service range, km 1830
8 X 7,69-mm machine guns, or 2 X 20-mm cannon and 4 machine guns 8


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