Aviation of WWII
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Stirling BF517/AA:O of No 75 Squadron on 27 April 1943 at Newmarket

(Rus)  A fusillade of 20mm cannon shells and 7.9mm bullets from a Luftwaffe night fighter was responsible for this damage to Stirling BF517/AA:O of No 75 Squadron on the night of 26/27 April 1943. The rear gunner, Sgt B.A. Rogers, was mortally wounded and two other crew members suffered minor wounds. The pilot, P Off P.J. Buck, managed to evade further attacks when the Stirling was intercepted 30 miles north of the target, Duisburg, but had difficulty in maintaining altitude. Other crew members jettisoned all movable equipment on the flight home, a crash-landing being made at Newmarket without further injury to the airmen. (IWM CE58)