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Tempest Mk V EJ743

HAWKER TEMPEST - Evolved under Camm's direction during 1940 as a 'second generation' Typhoon and initially known as the Typhoon II (Hawker P. 1012). Combined Typhoon fuselage with new thin wing incorporating leading-edge radiators. Two prototypes ordered to Specification F. 10/41 in November 1941; name changed to Hawker Tempest I in January 1942, with 2,500 hp Sabre IV engine. One prototype (HM599) completed as Hawker Tempest I with wing leading-edge radiators, first flown February 24, 1943, and planned production of 400 abandoned for want of Sabre IVs. Alternative engine installations resulted in subsequent marks, as below:

Hawker Tempest V: Essentially the Hawker Tempest I with Typhoon-type 2,180 hp Sabre IIA engine installation and nose radiator. Prototype (HM595) first Hawker Tempest to fly, in this guise, on September 2, 1942. Production initiated by Hawker and first production Hawker Tempest V flown June 21, 1943. First 100 aircraft Srs Is with four Hispano Mk II 20 mm cannon and short barrel projections; all-round view cockpit canopies as later Typhoons and enlarged fins and tailplanes. The 700 Srs 2s had Mk V cannon with barrels flush with leading edge, and Sabre IIB or IIC; like Typhoon, Hawker Tempest V could carry two 1,000 Ib (454 kg) underwing bombs or eight 60 Ib (27 kg) rockets. First deliveries to Nos 3 and 486 (RNZAF) Sqns, in April 1944, operational use began in May and Hawker Tempest Vs served notably in the defence against V-l attacks from June 1944 onwards. Seven squadrons operational by June 1945 and service use continued after war's end.

Hawker Tempest
MK. V Mk. VI Mk.II
Crew 1
Length, m 10.26 10.33 10.49
Wing span, m 12.49
Wing area, m² 28.06
Weight, kg
Empty weight 4080 4154 4045
Loaded weight 5175 5250 5360
Speed maximum, km/h 700 705 711
at altitude, m 5180 5400 4600
Time to altitude 4572m, min 5.00 4.75 4.50
Service ceiling, m 1125 11250 11400
Maximum range, km 1190 1210 13020

Photo Description
Drawing Tempest Mk.V Drawing Tempest Mk.V
Tempest Mk. V from 501-st squadron RAF Tempest Mk. V from 501-st squadron RAF. This division specialized on night interception of flying bombs «FAU-1».


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