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Tempest Mk. VI



Tempest Mk.VI, NX241/AK-N of No. 213 Squadron, Nicosia, June 1947

Prototype (HM595) flown with 2,340 hp Sabre V on May 9, 1944. "Tempest" Mk VI, manufactured by the "Hawker" factories in the number of 142 copies, was a variant of the fighter for use in countries with hot climates. It was equipped with a Napier "Saber" V engine with a capacity of 2340 hp. and dust filters. For better engine cooling, the common radiator was increased, and an additional oil cooler was installed in the leading edge of the right wing plane.

Hawker Tempest
MK. V Mk. VI Mk.II
Crew 1
Length, m 10.26 10.33 10.49
Wing span, m 12.49
Wing area, m² 28.06
Weight, kg
Empty weight 4,080 4,154 4,045
Loaded weight 5,175 5,250 5,360
Speed maximum, km/h 700 705 711
at altitude, m 5,180 5,400 4,600
Time to altitude 4572m, min 5.00 4.75 4.50
Service ceiling, m 11,125 11,250 11,400
Maximum range, km 1,190 1,210 1,3020

Aircraft "Tempest" Mk VI arrived at the end of 1946 in the Near and Middle East. They were based in Iraq, Aden, Palestine and Cyprus. In 1949, these fighters, covering the withdrawal of British troops from Ogaden and Palestine, while escorting a scout, engaged in an air duel with five Israeli Spitfires. As a result of the battle, one Tempest was shot down and three others were damaged.

Drawing Tempest Mk.VI


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