Aviation of WWII
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Wellington T2470/BU:K, of No 214 Squadron, October 1940

(Rus)  Stradishall was one of the immediate pre-war expansion period airfields built in East Anglia to house new bomber squadrons. Most had four C-type hangars, of brick and steel, well appointed with store and office annexes along their walls. During wartime aircraft were only taken into hangars for major repairs and, once these were completed, quickly removed. Hangars were a prime target for enemy hit-and-run raiders. Wellington T2470/BU:K, of No 214 Squadron, here being towed in for repairs during October 1940, was a victim of accident about a month later when, on Guy Fawkes Day, it crashed at Denston having overshot Stradishall. (IWM CH1415)