Aviation of WWII
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Wellington X9764/AA:V, of No 75 Squadron on 13 August 1941

(Rus)  While over the Zuider Zee, returning from operations on the night of 12/13 August 1941, No 75 Squadron Wellington X9764/AA:V was hit by a long burst of fire from a night fighter. The enemy aircraft did not attack again, but damage to the Wellington was extensive. By the time the vicinity of the home base at Feltwell was reached, fuel was nearly exhausted. Roberts ordered the other five crew members to bale out but he had no time to leave his seat and jump before the engines cut out. In the bright moonlight Roberts saw that he was going to crash among the young conifers of Thetford forest but fortunately he was able to guide the aircraft into one of the wide firebreaks. Wellingtons were highly repairable and, despite the damage, X9764 was back in service a few months later, only to be lost with a Polish crew of No 304 Squadron in the Cologne raid of 5/6 April 1942. (IWM CH3366)