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A-20 "Havoc"

Assault aircraft


A-20C 254 Havoc

The A-20 bomber was produced from June 1939 as a "domestic" modification of the export aircraft, which had the DB-7 index in France and Boston in England. The first US Air Force order was 63 and 143 A-20 and A-20A aircraft, respectively; the latter had a turbocharger and was subsequently converted into the R-70 night fighter. The A-20A entered service in 1941, followed by the release of 999 A-20B aircraft. which fully corresponded to the French DB-7, and 948 A-20C aircraft with British equipment, as well as 17 A-20E aircraft - the A-20A version with A-20V engines. On the assault modification A-20G (2850 aircraft), a powerful cannon was installed instead of the front cockpit. In addition, modifications were made to the A-20H (412 aircraft), A-20J and A-20K based on the A-20G and A-20H (450 and 413 aircraft, respectively). The latest modification of the F-3 was used as a photo reconnaissance aircraft.

A total of 7097 Boston aircraft were built.

Douglas A-20 Havoc
Crew 3
Wing span, m 18.69
Length, m 14.63
Height, m 5.36
2 × PE Wright R-2600-23 Cyclone, hp 1,600
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 7,830
Loaded weight 1,2330
Maximum speed, km/h 560
Time to 3000m, min 9
Service ceiling, m 7,225
Maximum range, km 3,380
6 × 12,7-mm ShKAS machine guns or 4 × 20-mm ShVAK cannon in nose, 2 × 12,7mm in tower, Bombs, kg 1800



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A-20G England 1944
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