Aviation of WWII
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USAAF. People and Aircraft.

Photo Airfield
Sqdn Type No Accident Crew
Poltava, 2 June 1944 Flying Fortress B-17G
Boeing B-17G 2102918, Idiot's Delight, of the 342nd Bomb Squadron on 2 June 1944. It fell to flak at Munich on 19 July 1944.  
Bradley, May 1945 Flying Fortress B-17G-65-BO
SONGOON RITA, a B-17G-65-BO (43-37509), was a veteran of 81 bomb missions and five supply missions before war's end is at Bradley Field, Connecticut in May of 1945.  
25 January 1943
Flying Fortress B-17F
Boeing B-17F 124559/PU:C, 'Ooold Soljer', of the 360th Bomb Squadron, 303rd Bomb Group, on 25 January 1943. While flown by another crew it was involved in a collision with another B-17 while assembling a formation on 31 March 1943, crashing near Wellingborough.  
16 March 1945
37 Liberator B-24
KK320/ V
Liberator B-24 KK320/ V of No 37 Squadron over Monfalcone port on 16 March 1945. Despite the damage, Saxby managed to regain control and fly the aircraft the near-300 miles back to home station at Tortorella.  
15 October 1944 398 Flying Fortress B-17G-80BO
B-17G-80BO 43-38172 8 th AF 398th BG 601st BS damaged on a bombing mission over Cologne. Germany, on 15 October 1944 S/Sgt. George E. Abbott KIA
Photo Airfield
Sqdn Type No Accident Crew
30 October 1935 Boeing 299 NX
Crashed Model 299. The crew forgot to disengage the airplane's gust lock. Having taken off, the aircraft entered a steep climb, stalled, nosed over and crashed. Major Ployer Peter Hill and Les Tower were killed
Hickam Field
7 December 1941
Flying Fortress B-17C
B-17C AAF S/N 40-2074 at Hickam Field. An onboard fire burnt the plane in two shortly after landing on 7 December 1941. One crewman was killed
10 April 1945 464th BG Stevonovitch II B-24L
AAF Ser.No. 44-49710
B-24L Stevonovitch II (AAF Ser. No. 44-49710) of the 464th BG, hit by 2 cm FlaK 30 while supporting ground troops near Lugo, Italy, 10 April 1945. Colonel James Gilson, commanding officer of the 779th BS and nine others were killed; one waist gunner was thrown clear and survived. James Gilson and nine others KIA
448th BG B-24M
Ser.No. 44-50838
B-24M of the 448th Bombardment Group, serial number 44-50838, downed by a Messerschmitt Me 262 jet fighter.
15 April 1944 483 B-17F B-17F
Boeing B-17F 25786 Whizzer II, of the 483rd Bomb Group took a direct flak hit between Nos 3 and 4 engines on 15 April 1944. The main fuel tanks took fire as the wing folded back, all in fractions of a second. All the crew members perished.  

* KIA - killed in action.

POW - prisoner of war.