Aviation of WWII
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Boeing B-17 298004/YB:H, of 508th Bomb Squadron, on 27 September 1944

(Rus)  It was estimated that by the autumn of 1944 a quarter of Eighth Air Force bombers would sustain some flak damage and that for every thirteen aircraft damaged one would be lost. The 508th Bomb Squadron's 298004/YB:H never flew again after the 27 September 1944 mission, although it was not counted as a loss. Over Cologne an 88mm shell entered the fuselage near the radio room rear entrance, the explosion blasting away the ball turret and killing the gunner, Sgt Kenneth Divil. There was a special radio operator on board at this location, Sgt John Kurtz, a German-speaker who was monitoring enemy transmissions for the Y Service. He fell from the aircraft and survived as a POW. Capt G. Geiger, seen surveying the damage, kept control and made a safe landing. (USAAF)